1. Sunset - Santa Monica, California

  2. If you ever find yourself going down a road no one else is on, keep going…

  3. Sunset Down The 10

  4. matthoulemard - Los Angeles, Ca

  5. Jonathan - Colorful Portrait Series

  6. Sunset Marquis Hotel - Hollywood, Ca 

  7. Introducing Colorful Portraits:

    Brighten Your Home With Colorful Portraits!

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    (Source: RobertVegaPhotography.com)

  8. D T L A

  9. Moi & Flor

  10. Crazy to think that when my good friend Gus started making T-Shirts it was in his parents basement. A tiny little room with no room to walk. Now He and Jonathan are running RTprintshop in a huge warehouse. Their business has grown tremendously and I was privileged when they asked me to shoot their shop for their website they are currently working on. If you are ever in need of good quality t-shirt designs contact them.  

    (Source: RobertVegaPhotography.com)

  11. Adoteca - Brentwood shot for GiltCity

  12. The Legendary Mike McCready of Pearl Jam 

    Live @ The LA Sports Arena 

    Shot for Prefixmag.com