1. When you pass by that certain house and the clouds turn and everything is set up just for you.

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  2. Portrait of Los Angeles Magazine Senior Editor - Linda Immediato

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  3. My wife Windy recently designed this shirt to raise funds for Bunny World Foundation. Please take a little time out of your day, check it out, and please consider buying one of these shirts. Rabbits are the 3rd most popular pets behind Dogs and Cats but still don’t get the same laws and protection they do.


  4. It took me a long time to realize this but for anyone thinking to themselves “if only I had this camera or this lens or this light”, just know that what you have is good enough if you know how to use it. These were shot with my kit lens. I don’t own a wide angle lens so each image is about 4-5 images stitched together to make a composite.

    One thing that is always free is knowledge. Don’t let your gear hold you back

    Nail Bar & Beauty Lounge - Beverly Hills
    Shot for GiltCity.com

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  5. Summer? - Eagle Rock, Ca

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  7. Vista Hermosa Park - Los Angeles, Ca

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  8. Sunday should always be like this -Pescador State Beach, Ca

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  9. Ojai, Ca

  10. Saturday - DTLA

  11. Ventura State Beach

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  12. Shot for The Raw Juicery - Downtown Los Angeles

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