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    Everyone should give a second of there time to reblog this. Instead of reblog girls in crops tops. Just shows raw love.

    its hard not to reblog this sometimes man

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  2. Vista Hermosa Park - Los Angeles, Ca

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  3. Sunday should always be like this -Pescador State Beach, Ca

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  4. Ojai, Ca

  5. Saturday - DTLA

  6. Ventura State Beach

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  7. Shot for The Raw Juicery - Downtown Los Angeles

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  8. International Underground Meet Day - Los Angeles, Ca

    Some DSLR shots of IUMD

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  9. LA Juice (@LAJuiceShop) on Melrose - Shot for GiltCity.com

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  10. That Morning Light

  11. From a recent Corporate headshot shoot

  12. Glassell Sunset